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Free Online Database Landing Page

It is fun to use the landing page builder to create the free online database campaign landing page. It is pretty easy and quick. It also uses the custom domain feature of Check it out at:


Landing Page Template

In Star Script, it is very easy to create template. Now the landing page template source code is released. You can configure your own landing page easily. Just add your content in a user friendly tag format and you are ready to go. For details, please refer to the tutorial.

New Landing Page

We have a new landing page now. It is located at

Call Me! Using MyEzApp

Call Me! is an easy to use, personal automated calling application. It allows you to place automated calls to your phone at scheduled time.

You can use the Call Me! application to schedule wake up calls or go to bed reminders. You can also use the Call Me! application to find your cell phone when you forget where you left it. Once in a while, you may want to get out of a boring meeting. Call Me! application can help. Just schedule a call 10 minutes into the meeting. When your phone rings, you will decide if you want to stay in that meeting or get out politely.

If you want to try it out, please follow the below instrudctions:

Star Script is live on

Star Script is now live on the myezapp web site. You don’t have to install any software to try it out. There are also several applications available for you to use. Once you install the applications in your account,  you will have the complete source code. You can tinker with the source code as you wish. Try it out and have fun!