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Simplify Web Application Development

Landing Page Builder

Landing page template now becomes landing page builder, with multiple templates available and step by step guide helping you to create beautiful landing pages. Below is an example:

The generated application also contains a nice monitoring dashboard:

The source code of the landing page is written in Star Script. Below is the sample code

use ../templates/elegant

  title="Ez Landing - Landing Page Made Easy" 
  keywords="landing page, online marketing, template, landing page template"
    tagline="Easy Landing Page"
  <showcase><img style="width:600px; height: 325px;" src="landingads_s.png"/></showcase>
    <point name="Quick & Easy" 
      Multiple templates, multiple styles. One click publishing. 
        No need for designer. No need for IT department.
    <point name="White Label" icon="/pub/system/script/landtemp/res/icon2.png">
      Control every pixel on the page. Use your own domain. 
      No annoying 'sponsored by' link. 
    <point name="Full Control" icon="/pub/system/script/landtemp/res/icon3.png">
      Come with complete source code, includes landing page, tracking and 
      dashboard. Customize & enhance as you wish.
  <action label="Learn More" href=""/>
  <action label="Start Now!" href=""/>

  <footer copyright="© 2012 MyEzApp Inc.">
    <link label="About" href=""/>
    <link label="Pricing" href=""/>
    <link label="Terms" href=""/>
    <link label="Privacy" href=""/>
    <link label="Contact Us" href=""/>
    <link label="Help" href=""/>

Does it look like a program? Not quite. It’s more like HTML. From template user’s perspective, it is declarative programming.
From landing page developer’s perspective, it is standard object oriented programming. Below is a snippet:

use /web/wpage
use /web/wcomponent
use /web/http
use /comp/slides

use ../landingpage

class simple implements landingpage.renderer
  func render(page as landingpage) as node.element
    page.useCss("simple_" + + ".css")
    var header_logo = ""
    var header_line = "Your Catchy Slogan"
    var header_logo_href = "/"
    var header_contact as string
    if page.header <> null then
      header_logo = page.header.logo
      header_line = page.header.tagline
      header_logo_href = page.header.href
      header_contact =
    return <body>
      <landingheader logo=header_logo tagline=header_line logo_href=header_logo_href contact=header_contact/>
      <landingbody showcase=page.showcase points=page.points action=page.action slide_height=page.slide_height slide_width=page.slide_width subscribe=page.subscribe/>
      <landingfooter footer=page.footer/>

Both declarative programming and object oriented programming are supported in Star Script. It is really nice.

Learn More or Try it now!


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