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Why would average people want to program?

A reader asked on Reddit, why would average people want to program? It is a very good question. I think the reason people want to program is similar to that of cooking. You can always ask the same question, why would average people want to cook? Cooking requires a lot of special equipments, raw materials, skills. If you don’t cook well, it affects people’s health. It can be quite dangerous. It really should be handled by professionals. Plus, we have so many low-cost providers such as MacDonald. Sometimes, it is even cheaper buying than cooking yourself. Yet, a lot of people cook. In nearly every house, there is a kitchen. If you are selling a house without a kitchen? Good luck with that.

Below are some of the reasons people want to program:

– Lower cost: assume your spare time is free time

– Customization: not sweet enough? add more sugar.

– Healthy: nobody is peeking/selling my private data

– Special needs/tastes: I just like the cookie made by my grandma. Nobody makes better ones.

Of course, before people actual started programming, all of the above are just speculations. It needs to be proven in real world, not by words.


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