Star Script

Simplify Web Application Development

Programming for the Masses

Programming for the masses requires a programming language for the masses.

What will this programming language look like?

  • Fault tolerant: ideally, the language should be able to process arbitrary input program, much like HTML
  • Smooth learning curve: ideally, no learning is required to start using the language; every feature can be learned lazily, when needed.
  • Intuitive syntax: ideally, the meaning of a program can be guessed by people without knowledge of the programming language
  • Strong component support:  ideally, people assemble applications much like what they do with furniture from IKEA; they don’t build from scratch
  • Declarative whenever possible: ideally, application can be built declaratively
  • Lean: as small as possible, but no smaller

Star Script is a programming language that tries to meet the above challenges.


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