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Reddit Discussion

There are a lot of interesting discussions on Reddit about star script. It is now ranked #2 controversal in the technology/programming section. I think I need to clarify the target user/use cases before the whole design would make sense.

Programming language can be used to do many things, from number crunching, system programming, to text processing, application configuration, etc. A lot of programmers, especially hackers tends to focus on the tough ones such as system programming and number crunching. For this type of tasks, being more disciplined is a blessing. A little mistake will render the entire calculation result useless or crash the entire system. However, when I designed Star Script, those use cases are not ranked high in my priority. I am having a mental image of an average person, who will use programming to do basic stuff such as text processing, simple calculation, assembling some components built by somebody else, etc. For those type of tasks, there is no need to be too disciplined. Being more tolerant makes learning and usage of the langauge smoother.

One of the most distinct feature of Star Script is its error detection and recovery capability. Try to detect and recover from all errors is very challenging. You have all kinds of errors, from syntax error, semantic error, to runtime error. The number of total possible errors are huge. It did not look possible at first and took me quite some time to figure out some very innovative approaches to reduce the complexity and make the total situation manageable. Now I am trying to give the best possible recovery response in every case. I hope I covered all of them. If I missed anything, please let me know. Thanks!


Interesting discussion on reddit

After releasing version 0.1, many people comments on reddit.

Thanks for all the comments! It gives me opportunity to explain why the language is designed this way and also helps me improving it. Really appreciate!

Star Script 0.1 Released

Today, Star Script 0.1 version is released. Check it out and share your thoughts!

Programming for the Masses

Programming for the masses requires a programming language for the masses.

What will this programming language look like?

  • Fault tolerant: ideally, the language should be able to process arbitrary input program, much like HTML
  • Smooth learning curve: ideally, no learning is required to start using the language; every feature can be learned lazily, when needed.
  • Intuitive syntax: ideally, the meaning of a program can be guessed by people without knowledge of the programming language
  • Strong component support:  ideally, people assemble applications much like what they do with furniture from IKEA; they don’t build from scratch
  • Declarative whenever possible: ideally, application can be built declaratively
  • Lean: as small as possible, but no smaller

Star Script is a programming language that tries to meet the above challenges.

Now Accepting Registration for Early Access

StarScript will be hosted in a new online service at Now MyEzApp is accepting registration for early access. Check it out: